Frequently Asked Questions

NuWood Cabinets is here to answer any possible questions or needs about your cabinetry project. Whether it’s about quality, hardware, lead time or pricing, we are here to help build your dream project.

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Why custom cabinets instead of box cabinets?2017-06-30T12:37:28-05:00

Custom cabinets allow you to maximize the available space; box cabinets typically require fillers.

How long will my cabinets last?2016-06-29T18:56:15-05:00

Your investment in the style and quality of custom NuWood Cabinets will last you a lifetime.

How is the interior finished?2016-06-29T18:55:02-05:00

Finishing options for the interior are the same as the exterior and will be chosen as part of the design process.

How are the doors constructed?2016-06-29T18:54:42-05:00

All of our doors are mortise and tenon or mitered.

Do all doors and drawers come standard with soft-close?2017-06-30T12:27:54-05:00

Yes, all of our doors and drawers come standard with soft-close hinges and drawer runners.

Do you use real wood?2017-01-26T14:03:37-06:00

Yes, we use a wide variety of wood species including but not limited to: cherry, oak, maple, hickory, walnut, alder, poplar, etc.

How long does it take to get my cabinets after I’ve ordered them?2016-06-29T18:53:07-05:00

Lead time tends to be 8 weeks. However, before you place your order, make sure to contact us to make sure our current lead time will work with your schedule.

How do I pay for my order?2017-06-30T12:29:34-05:00

Once designs and layouts are finalized, we accept checks or credit cards.

What are my hardware options?2016-06-29T18:51:40-05:00

We have many hardware options. Our representatives can assist you with choosing stylish hardware options based upon the design you choose.

What are my finishing options?2017-01-26T14:05:07-06:00

We are able to finish your cabinets using paint, stain or a clear coat. We are able to match any color you want.

How do I take measurements?2016-06-29T18:50:37-05:00

Take your measurements, wall sizes, window placements and door placements. After you have all of the dimensions, email them over to us or give one of our representatives a call to communicate the layout of your remodel. We will help you make sure you get everything right.

Do I get charged for design services and quotes?2017-06-30T12:30:27-05:00

After dimensions are taken, we will come back to our office and draw up a few different design options. This service is free. However, if you would like to take them, there is a design fee. Conducting the estimates and generating the quotes are free of charge.

How much do custom cabinets cost?2017-01-26T14:05:55-06:00

Custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets that are manufactured from big box retailers. Traditionally, custom cabinets are about 30-50% higher than stock cabinets. However, custom cabinetry is built to the exact sizes and designs of the homeowner. In addition to giving your home a distinctive signature that contributes to its resale value, they last up to ten times longer than manufactured cabinets with a particle board base.

Do you install the cabinets?2017-06-02T11:59:45-05:00

If you are located in southeastern Wisconsin, we are able to provide installation services. Otherwise, we will ship your cabinets and can assist you in finding a qualified installer in your area.

Do you have a showroom where I can see the cabinets?2017-06-30T12:35:46-05:00

Our facility in Racine, WI includes a showroom. If you are not able to visit us there, please contact us here and we will be happy to send you pictures of anything you don’t see on our website.

Where are the cabinets built?2016-06-29T18:48:23-05:00

All of our custom furnishings are built in our shop located in Racine, WI